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29-06-2012 - Andrzej Wełmiński

Our group of 11 European Theatre Arts  and 1 Lighting Designer students returned yesterday from a week in Bratislava where they participated in the International Festival of Theatre Schools 'Istropolitana Projekt' with the performance Pages From The Book Of...

The performance was directed by Andrzej and Teresa Welminski as part of the ETA curriculum and was presented at the College in February and during the College Symposium in April with a full cast of 48 students.

For our participation in Bratislava, the performance was re-worked with a cast of 11 who succeeded in impressing a full house in Bratislava, getting a standing ovation, receiving 4 and 5 star reviews and return back home with two main awards!

The Jury Award for Outstanding Achievementent


The Student Jury Award for the Best Theatre Production


"Pages from the book of..." at the Student Theatre Festival "Istropolitana Project'12" in Bratislava

28-06-2012 - Andrzej Wełmiński

Festival Istropolitana Project is absolutely unique among all festivals in the Middle Europe and provides a special opportunity for young theater artists to be involved in an international confrontation of their work, opinion and production. It creates space for future theater professionals to meet with eminent theatre scholars, their audience and their colleagues.

          Project takes place every second year and provides continuous mutual confrontation between young artists and broad audience. The festival with its competition part is significant event in the context of Slovak culture and theater education system in the Middle-European region and is the only one of its kind within Slovakia.

           The project’s target is to hold a creative meeting of the youngest generation of theater artists from national and international schools and to present various approaches and poetics towards theater staging and interpretation.