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Bread and Bird Or Nine Persian Miniatures

Bread and Bird Or Nine Persian Miniatures

Directed by: Andrzej Welminski

University of Tehran

Premiere: December 22nd, 2015


Bread and Bird Or Nine Persian Miniatures is the spectacle staged out of fascination for traditional Persian theatre Kheimeh Shab Bazi and Naqqāli, Persian miniatures, carpets, poems by Rumi, esotericism and ecstatic dervish dances.  


the elements of the spectacle:


Overture:  Unrolling coils

Miniature 1: Bread and Bird

Miniature 2: Juggling rug - Naqqāli theatre and unfortunate termination of a story too long

Miniature 3: Carpet unrolling ceremonies

Miniature 4: The Orient Express rail journey

Miniature 5: Disaster on the rails, …and further ahead a hat was laying, shining, untouched.

Miniature 6: In the tunnel

Miniature 7: Dervish awakening

Miniature 8: Common whirling or on the revolutions of the bodies…

Miniature 9: Nocturne – The starry sky above me

Epilogue: and all will be buried in …

it only remains to sweep the leftovers off