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HUBBLE BUBBLE & Other Persian Miniatures

The performance created with Iranian artists in the framework of the 20th International Festival of University Theaters in Iran - a result of several years of cooperation with the students of the University of Tehran and its teachers.

It is a continuation of the show Bread and the Bird or nine Persian miniatures (Tehran 2015) and its development, where a number of innovative solutions are emerging.


Former traditional forms of Iranian theater: Kheimeh Shab Bazi, Naqqāli, Ta'zieh, magic carpets, ecstatic rhythms and dances, rituals, ceremonies and superstitions saturated with emotions, with poetry, eastern mysticism entangled with the current realities of  this exotic world, build relationships and tensions between traditional and modern phenomena, the tension between illusion and reality.

The paper theater convention begins negotiating processes between the variety

 and diversity of cultures.