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procession of hydromachines

Andrzej Welminski in cooperation with the Württembergische Landesbühne Esslingen (WLB) and the culture department of the town of Esslingen. 

 A town by a river, a town on the move: The title of the cultural festival plays with the double meaning of this concept. Esslingen is on a river and it’s closely connected to the river through its canals, but it’s also on the move and changing.

Over the course of centuries, Esslingen has reinvented itself many times: as an middle-age romantic treasure, as an early industrial working town, as a European partner of modern times. Remains from the past can be found in the architecture of the city as well as in the stories told by its citizens.

 The polish artist Andrzej Welminski and actors of the WLB undertake a project that sits between fine arts and theatre. He plays with the motives of a town on the move. His artistic objects beyond illustrations deal with the themes of water and progress, creating moving pictures, which are beyond sculpture and theatre.

 Objects that create unusual and new perspectives, such as fantastical hydro machines, powered by the energy of water and the artistic power of the WLB actors. A very immediate and present procession, which follows the course of the water through the city.

 The actor and director Andrzej Welminski, born in 1952, has had a long association with the well-known Polish theatre artist Tadeusz Kantor, whose work consists of a fascinating blend of painting, theatre and life itself. Alongside his theatre and film work, Andrzej Welminski is a renowned graphic artist and painter, who has had exhibitions in cities such as Krakow, Warsaw, Rome, Milan and Paris.