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The spectacle put on by a troupe of the 3rd year students BA Rose Bruford (European Theatre Arts Course) in direction and with cooperation with Teresa and Andrzej Wełmiński, visual arts artists and former members of the world famous Tadeusz Kantor's Circot2 Theatre.

The spectacle came into being based of selected texts and graphics by Bruno Schultz, one of the most important 20th century authors.  Bruno Schulz stories comprise extraordinary descriptions of life of the small-town Polish Jews and are the specific writer's autobiography maintained in poetry of dream, where the borders between realm and myth become vague. Literary output Of Bruno Schultz consists a unique phenomenon of the world literature with its links to surrealism, creationism and psychoanalysis and being compared to modernistic expressionism of Franz Kafka. 2012 is a jubilee year – with the 120th anniversary of his birth and 70th anniversary of tragic death.

The methods of work on the spectacle resulted from the practices of T. Kantor Cricot-2 Theatre, invoking especially to his principal idea of the autonomous theatre in which all the components of a piece of art are equally important.  

In the result a spectacle of high musical and artistic values has been created, whose participants easily juggle with various manners and artistic conventions.  In the spectacle few types of performers may be distinguished: choir, orchestra, narrator, object animators and actors. All the elements cooperate with each other in the close relation and create a uniform whole.